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Thermal imaging Night vision system

Thermal camera : Universal Car Thermal Imager Night Vision System

  • Thermal camera,Universal Car Thermal Imaging Night Vision System,Car Fit : Universal;Mode : NV01
  • Time: 2023-07-03 16:49:29
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Thermal camera

Universal Car Thermal Imaging Night Vision System

Car Fit : Universal


     In recent years, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving technology, 

numerous systems for driver driving assistance have emerged in the market, and various innovative technologies 

can improve the comfort and safety of drivers while not interfering with their operations.

The core function of many driver assistance systems is to warn drivers of possible hazards in advance, 

thus avoiding traffic accidents.

Without the Night Vision System, for drivers driving at night, if encounter poor lighting, the drivers on the

 opposite lane using high beam, or bad weather like rain, fog and haze, there is no way to clearly see the 

distant pedestrians. At this time, it is exceedingly easy for vulnerable traffic participants (pedestrians, 

bicycles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, tricycles, etc.) to collide and cause irreparable damage. In this case,

 if the car is equipped with our Night Vision System of which the thermal imaging camera can capture the 

far-infrared heat radiation emitted by pedestrians and other vulnerable traffic participants, and which then 

forms a video image by the intensity of the heat radiation, drivers’ view range will be greatly improved. 

As the Night Vision System is also equipped with advanced pedestrian recognition, it has the ability to 

provide advance warning, enabling drivers to easily deal with complex road conditions at night and drive 

safely to avoid dangerous situations.

Function :                                                                                                                    

Easy installation:  the camera is small. The minimum size of it can reach 35*35*60 (mm).  All will 

                  come with the full model applicable installation accessories or special installation accessories.

Video output:   CVBS and USB synchronous output is supported. Special models can access the 

                              original car screen.

Pedestrian identification: With accurate algorithm, the system can identify pedestrians from 100 meters

                                      away  (ambient temperature 23±5 degrees Celsius) and cars from 160 meters away.

Long-distance vision:  In total darkness, the system can detect 300-500 meters road conditions ahead.

Anti-glare:  Unaffected by high beam and glare, the system can effectively aid in driving safely.

See-through function: Far-infrared radiation has a long wavelength and can effectively see through 

                                           mists, soot, haze, etc and image normally.

Collision Warning: With our special warning algorithm, the system can quickly and accurately warn 

                                      the driver in advance of fast approaching and suddenly rushing-out pedestrians and 

                                      other dangerous scenarios through the sound and screen.

GPS: The system is also equipped with GPS.

Components :                                                                                                                





1. Controller data input and output interface

2. GPS antenna

3. ECU power interface

4. Alarm sound volume adjustment dial cod, debug port,TF card slot (no filming function)

5. High strength protection window, effective protection of the lens

6. Three alternative mounting positions for multiple situations.

7. Camera and cable docking waterproof interface

Main Parameters:                                                                                                        


Type of detector

Vanadium oxide non-cooling infrared focus plane detector


256×192 / 384*288


Focal length:9.0mm  FOV:20°* 15°(256×192)

Automatic defrost


Pixel spacing


Image display

automatic shutter refresh,white hot,≤25Hz

Protection level


Operating temperature

-40℃ - 80℃


≤55*35*35 (L×W×H mm)


operating voltage


Power consumption


Video output and other interface


Boot time


Automatic identification type

Pedestrians, bicycles, two-wheeled electric vehicles, tricycles, motorcycles

Automatic identification distance


Identification efficiency

Identification rate≥95 %Real-time≥21 FPS

Early warning method

screen and sound warning

Operating temperature

-30℃ - 70℃


≤110*100*25 (L×W×H mm)

This assisted driving product uses advanced stabilization technology, sensor technology, image processing 

technology and efficient multi-threaded deep learning artificial intelligence recognition algorithm, to match

 the demand of the automotive aftermarket and the need of driving at night and in bad weather conditions. 

the product uses non-cooling infrared detector and low-power high-performance artificial intelligence SOC. 

The imaging of the product has features of lightless imaging, anti-glare, penetrating smoke, fog, haze, with 

functions of intelligent pedestrian detection, anti-collision alarm, which can greatly improve the driver's 

night driving safety.




This product is so precise that the installation has a very big impact on the use, please go to the Company's 

designated service points or professional auto repair store to install.




Thermal imaging technology is widely used in military, aerospace and other fields. The productis only 

     suitable for civil driving assistanc. Please comply with the relevant laws of your country and do not 

      use it for any illegal purposes.

Please use the product in -40~70 degrees Celsius.

The camera is IP67 waterproof while the controller is not .

Please do not touch the camera lens directly with your hands when the lens needs to be cleaned to 

     prevent the acid left by your fingers to damage the increased transmission film coated to improve the 

     quality of imaging. Please use a special lens cloth or glasses cloth to wipe.

Please do not direct the lens to the sun, large lasers, welding machines and other ultra-strong light sources

     for a long time, so as not to damage the precision optical devices.

It is normal to have different imaging quality in different temperature as thermal imaging images through

    the object surface temperature difference. As the ambient temperature increases, the contrast of the 

    thermal imaging video is reduced, it will make the temperature difference between the person and the 

    environment get smaller.

It is normal that the image has a short time lag (about 150ms) and then returns to normal as a result of 

     the adoption of automatic shutter refresh technology to ensure continuous acquisition of high quality images.

Please go to the designated repair point as soon as possible to when the protection window is broken due to 

     excessive external impact for the internal components in the high-strength protection window is designed

     to automatically heat up in low-temperature environments to defrost and melt ice. 

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